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Justin and Mandy live in Worcester. Justin has three step children: Keith living in Birmingham, Francesca and Charlotte. He also has Yasmin who is just coming up to five years of age. How he has managed to find four such beautiful attractive ladies in his life we will have to ask him the secret sometime.

Justin currently works for a firm in Tewkesbury and had the recent experience of spending the night in the council house when the area was flooded.

Still interested in hang gliding there is an old Clubman residing up the stairs and a paraglider resides somewhere in the house and even occasionally on the local hills.

Mandy is a skilled engraver and can engrave glassware.

Recent news:

Some up to date pics you can use on the family site. Most recent being september. Most of the family pics are down on the beach as we seem to use the camera a lot when on it. Not much really to say for recent news. Other than, myself am getting quite seriously involved in paragliding & will also be flying Hg more often now i've found a few sites  locally. Still flying radio controlled gliders when I can too. Mandy does the usual & has to endure hours on airfields/flying sites etc as well as running the home when i'm out during the day working. She, like me, likes to spend a lot of time in the new car going places. I've nearly finished the fitting of curtains in the new 7 seater & shall shortly do other bits to it, much to her disgust too. The girls seem to ne doing ok at school & have both made a new friend or two which we are quite pleased about. Yasmin, well, Mandy has her hands full with her, from things I hear on arriving home from a days work. Typically, shes always smiles etc as soon as Dad walks in. We certainly know we've got her. November sees her 3rd birthday which, into her 3rd year has gone by so fast, but will always be Dads little girl.  Oh, as for the bit with the summer flooding, you can add the fact it took me 16hrs to get home instead of the usual 25mins. Quite an experience I don't want to repeat in a hurry.

To contact Justin and Mandy their e-mail address is jmdparsons@yahoo.co.uk

The young ladies:Charlotte and Francesca, now somewhat older - teenagers actually.

Daddy's girl, Yasmin

Justin, still a boy at heart.