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Welcome to Tim Parsons Computer Services. This page supplements Tim's personal website and by clicking on the logo above or the link below you can visit that too.

Following the successful completion of courses in Swindon and Dartford Tim has been running his own IT business for several years. During this time he has had a wide amount of experience working with customers in their homes and businesses which has left him with a wealth of experience that can only be gained 'on the job'.

It wouldn't be unfair or innaccurate to say that his wide experience has enabled him to identify problems in minutes which have baffled other professionals for hours and days. Not every problem is solveable in minutes of course and an average length of visit is hard to predict because some problems do take hours of unravelling.

His experience has built his expertise to such a degree that to ignore his advice can be costly and frustrating. Furthermore, there are those times when he knows when to refer a problem and seek additional expertise.

Although his business is currently a one man business he is able to draw on others with similar expertise to ensure that customers are never left without some cover and warranty obligations can be fulfilled. He uses only those whose ability and trustworthiness are of the highest standard.

Now living in Gillingham since marrying in July 2007 the business has biased to that area but there is still cover in and around Dartford.

Tim's success and standing is best measured by his customers satisfaction. Everybody who has dealt with him has recommended and referred him to others and much of his business is built on referrals. Visit his website  to learn more about the business.

Testimonials (unsolicited):-

I have been so very pleased to have  come to know Tim over the past three years. 
Having been a complete  "greenhorn" in the use of computers, but having worked most of my life as a  secretary, I had the keyboard skills, but that was it until
I was shown  how to use the many and various different facilities that a
computer  offers.   
Of course, sometimes when  the television offers such an endless supply of
sports programmes which my  husband enjoys, I'm now able to pop in on the
computer to amuse myself, and of  course it's invaluable for keeping in touch with
friends.  I've found  that there's never really enough time to do everything
I'd like to do as I get  side-tracked with the games, but there again I'm more
or less at the age for a  second childhood, so I just enjoy it !!   
I'm quite sure that I would  never have been able to have the confidence just
by reading a book, so for me  it's been absolutely invaluable to be able to
be taught "face to face" with  such a very helpful person as Tim, and his
patience and humour have been an  absolute joy.

From Denny Crowdy, Joydens Wood.  


Brilliant job. Only had to swap the mouse and keyboard for the wireless one and we're away.
One of the best finds I've ever had on the internet.Total star!

Best wishesMark