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Linux - an exciting branch of modern computer software.

For some years now I (David) have become increasingly interested in Linux operating systems.

For many people buying a new computer entails them almost unthinkingly believing they must also have an operating system supplied by Microsoft, their latest offering being Windows 10.

(Windows7 will be supported until 2020 and Windows8 for a little longer).

The French Police Force didn't think they need go down the Microsoft route for software. After some very wise investigation they decided from 2005 onwards to migrate from Microsoft to UBUNTU Linux - and newspaper reports suggest that savings to 2010 have been up to fifty million Euros.

Wow - watch this page as I develop it. You can hardly afford not to.

I like inventing things. It's to make even little things which weren't around before.

One thing I don't do is to "reinvent the wheel". Rather than just regurgitate what is currently available on the internet I will be making links to other sites which will answer some of the headings/questions that arise as I try to promote Open Source and particularly Linux.

Some of the links may be to different pages of the same website another link takes you to. They will all open in a new page on your browser. Just click on the text to get started.

Why Linux is better

Distrowatch. A website which gives information about the most popular and downloaded version of Linux. Don't get confused, overwhelmed or worried about the sheer number of Linux versions available. Note the top few versions and the number of downloads they receive.

Some popular Linux distributions:-



50 places running Linux - prepare to have some surprises!