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This page is any current news any of us have.

Tim has written a children's book called, "Paramedic Chris". Details are on Tim's website including where and how to buy a copy. Click on the link below to find out more.

Paramedic Chris

On 28th April 2012 we celebrated William's second birthday. A great day it was. Some of the family on both sides attended and made the celebration fun. William Mundy (who we named William after) was also able to attend and we thank William Senior for his love and example to us all.

Congratulations to Rob and Joanne on their wedding. We didn't upload the picture of Rob up a tree (in his wedding suit) because Joanne hasn't driven him up the wall. Seriously, they're two great people.

As from 2014 Tim will be serving as part time chaplain with businesses in the area, principally at Bluewater shopping centre.

Sadly Linda's sister, Anne, passed away on Friday 13th December (2013). She has been ill for several years but following a fall at home in August and subsequent major surgery to alleviate intercranial bleeding she held her own for some months afterwards. She will be sadly missed.

Daniel was born safely on the last day of March, 2015. After a traumatic period in St Thomas's Hospital, London, he is now home and well.